How we operate

1. If telephoning, our reception takes basic details which will be passed to one of our legal team (or one of the legal team will consider your Notification Form) to see if we think we can help.

2. One of our very experienced legal team will telephone you to obtain more information and confirm, if we are able to help. (If we are unable to help you pay nothing).

3. If we can help you a copy of the “No Win No Fee” Agreement will be sent to you with the initial appointment letter.

4. We will invite you for a meeting at our offices for a detailed discussion of the case and the funding of it.

5. If you are unable to attend at our offices for any reason we will if appropriate, have the discussions by way of a telephone conference.

6. A Senior Lawyer will review the report of the meeting and write to you to confirm either:

(a) We are not able to help further (in which case you pay nothing) or

(b) We will send a letter to the opponent making your complaint/claim

7. We will enter into discussions and negotiations with the opponent in an attempt to settle your claim including trying to obtain any documents, CCTV or other evidence in the possession of the opponent that we think might help your case and also discuss with you whether there are any witnesses or any other evidence that we need to collect on your behalf to take the case forward, including evidence of your injuries.

8. We will keep the case under review and if at any stage we decide that you are unlikely to succeed with the case, we will advise you of that (and close your file). (In these circumstances you pay nothing).

9. If it is not possible to settle the case by negotiation with your opponent and we think your case is a strong one that should be taken to Court we will issue proceedings for you in the appropriate Court claiming compensation and pursue the case through the Court for as long as we believe that you have a reasonable chance of winning the case.

10. If at any time our opinion changes as to whether you are likely to win the case and it is necessary to withdraw the proceedings, you will not have to pay us anything.

11. We will explain to you from the outset and throughout the case the financial implications to you if we help you to win the case either by negotiation or as a result of Court proceedings.