Criminal Department

The Criminal department at McGrath & Co has undertaken criminal defence work, and been at the forefront of criminal defence services, since the firm was established almost 40 years ago.

It has an enviable reputation for robust and fearless defending of those who have to appear before the court, or face questioning and investigation by the police, or any other organisation investigating matters that might lead to prosecution, or other out of court penalties (e.g. the Benefit Agency, or other regulatory bodies, such as the Licensing Department for taxi drivers)

The strength and competence of our Criminal Department is reflected in the many cases in the Law Reports from the Higher Courts (High Court, Courts of Appeal and what is now known as the Supreme Court) across a range of legal issues, arising from the decisions of lower courts or challenges to the decisions made by other public bodies, such as the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the Coroners Court and the City Council.

A brief list of such cases includes the following:

Emergency out of hours number:
0844 736 9607

  • Kelly v Warley Magistrates’ Court (a court order could not impose a requirement that breached our client’s legal privacy or which conflicted with primary law)
  • Ahmed v Dudley Magistrates’ Court (the acquittal of our client, a taxi driver, who picked up the wrong passenger, was correct)

  • Shafi v Birmingham City Council (the lower court could not impose a civil injunction in relation to alleged gang activities)

  • Webster v Crown Prosecution Service (a decision not to prosecute an individual who had been restrained by doormen was flawed)

We have been the solicitors in many high profile and human rights cases.

We have experience in representing in all types of cases, from the trivial to the most serious, with collective experience that covers many decades and is not easily rivalled.

We operate a genuine 24 hours, 365 days a year criminal defence service, staffed by experienced solicitors and accredited police station representatives.

We are normally able to see clients at short notice – so don’t hesitate to call.

We will always give straight forward and simple advice

Remember we are on your side!