About Us

McGrath & Co., started life in April 1981 under the title of Ault McGrath & Co., when Graham McGrath left the Handsworth Law Centre, where he had been the Senior Solicitor for the previous two years, to set up in practice with his then partner, Tony Ault in a small set of offices at 11 Albert Street in the City Centre of Birmingham.

The Firm’s policy and philosophy from the outset was, and is, to provide legal services to the least advantaged sections of society and to utilise the Legal Aid Scheme where legal aid is available to ensure that those clients for whom the Firm was set up were thereby enabled to protect and enforce their rights.

A range of private client work is also undertaken.

The Firm will not prosecute on behalf of the Police.

In December 2014 the firm was incorporated as M Legal Services Ltd trading as McGrath & Co and McGrath Litigation.

Our current specialism’s are:

McGrath & Co

(a)  Criminal.

(b)  Landlord and Tenant: Possession Proceedings, Injunction Proceedings, Counterclaims for Disrepair, illegal evictions and homelessness.

(c)  Actions Against the Police.


McGrath Litigation

(a) Personal injury (excluding medical negligence).

(b) Landlord and Tenant, work on behalf of tenants including assisting tenants to obtain repairs by the use of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

(c) Actions against the Police.

(d) Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority applications.

Most of the Firm’s work is generated by satisfied clients coming back for further assistance or referred by their friends and relatives.

The Firm also however receives extensive referrals from Citizens Advice Bureaux throughout the Midlands, various other similar advice centres, law centres, Shelter and Members of Parliament and local Councillors.

Certain Members of Staff already carry out voluntary work on behalf of some of these organisations and members of staff are always encouraged to be prepared to give their time on that basis.

Our Objective

The objective of M Legal Services Limited is, as far as possible, to continue to provide services to its traditional client base, with priority being given to the best interests of the client, whilst aiming to deliver those services in a way that is currently viable and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.