Claims against the Police

Are you an innocent person who has been:

  • Wrongly Arrested?

  • Detained for no reason?
  • Kept in detention for longer than necessary?

  • Searched for no reason?
  • Subjected to your house being searched for no reason?
  • Assaulted or a victim of unnecessary force by a police officer?
  • The victim of property being taken without a good reason or taken and not returned?
  • Prosecuted without a good reason?
  • The victim of Human Rights breaches?
  • A victim of discrimination?
  • The victim of other Police misconduct?

Our Lawyers have been holding the Police and Public Bodies, such as Prisons or the Court Service, to account and getting justice for our clients for over 40 years.

We have recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation for clients from Police, Courts and Prisons.

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