Equality and Diversity Statement

This Firm has always had a genuine commitment to equal opportunities and diversity long before such an approach was common in the legal profession.  There are now general requirements insisted upon by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in this area following on from changes to the Practice Rules originally introduced by the Law Society. The relevant provision which this Firm unequivocally supports and applauds will be found in Chapter 2 of the Solicitors Code of Conduct 2017.  We adopt all of the provisions which appear in the SRA’s Code of Conduct.  Insofar as what appears below does not repeat all of the provisions of the Code of Conduct, or is in conflict with it, the Code of Conduct will prevail. The Code of Conduct can be found on the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s website.

 General Statement:

(i) This Firm will not in our professional dealings with employees, Directors, Barristers, other Lawyers, clients or third parties discriminate, without lawful cause against any person, nor victimise or harass them on the grounds of :

(a) Race or racial group (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins);

(b) Sex (including marital status, gender re-assignment, pregnancy, maternity and paternity);

(c) Sexual orientation (including civil partnership status);

(d) Religion or belief;

(e) Age; or

(f) Disability.

(ii) We will take such steps and make such adjustments as are reasonable in all the circumstances in order to prevent any of our employees, Directors, or clients who are disabled from being placed at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with those who are not disabled

Age Range % Gender % Ethnicity 2% Religion/Belief % Disability %
16-24 3.2 Female 45 Asian / Asian British 16.1 Atheist 22.6 With limited disability 9.6
25-34 12.9 Male 25 Black / Black British 9.7 Christian 22.5 No Disability 61.4
35-44 6.4 Prefer not to say 30 White / British 42 Hindu 3.3 Prefer not to say 29
45-54 25.8 Prefer not to say 32.2 Muslim 6.5
55-64 16
65+ 6.4
Prefer not to say 29.3

Role Category Male Female Prefer not to say
Directors 2
Solicitors 1 2 4
Other Fee Earners 3 3 3
Role Directly Supporting Fee Earners 1 8 1
Business Services – Managerial 1
Prefer not to say 2